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Oct 022012

Video about forniphilia:

Not long ago I came across a web page citing the picture and classifying me as a misogynist. I took my next image of forniphilia a few years later when I heard on BBC Radio 4, a woman saying how she liked her partner reading his newspaper by the light of a candle in her vagina.


I exhibited the picture under the name Beverly Hill and a Time Out magazine critic proclaimed it a feminist statement. However, it is up to the dominant person to regularly check on the psychological and physical wellbeing of the submissive. Other articles I have read on forniphilia suggest that some woman are active willing participants in such activity and actually enjoy it.



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  1. In my opinion, they never will. People were being used as furniture long before this though, and the oldest depiction I have seen so far is a carved wooden chair of two nude females on their hands and knees holding up a seat.

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