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Oct 022012

Video about fishgl:

The evolution of the web is best told through simple and fun concepts. A good color map with some shadows can also convey features that are not present in the model like scales on the fish.


Meshes are simply a set of triangles, or polygons, organized in a way that represents a true 3D object. Without the attention to shading, items in a 3D scene can look very stale and flat rather than inviting and robust. Below is the Ocean Explorer Room with the camera set outside with a normal field of view.



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  1. FishGL uses the popular open source library Three. And developers can be confident that WebGL is stable and ready for mainstream use.

  2. These objects were created by a 3D designer and are better known as meshes. Each 3D fish has logic that enables it to navigate inside the tank, avoid obstacles, and eat fish food.

  3. Each 3D fish has logic that enables it to navigate inside the tank, avoid obstacles, and eat fish food.

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