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Oct 022012

Video about female pseudohermaphrodite:

If androgen levels are high before then, labial fusion and a urogenital sinus result. Genitoplasty involved refashioning the tissues to create minora and majora labia and, after removal of corpora, partial clitorectomy was carried in patient 1 and clitoridal re- construction in patient 2.

Female pseudohermaphrodite

CAH caused by hydroxylase deficiency is the most common cause of ambiguous genitalia in the newborn female, and because affected females have the capacity for an entirely normal female sex role, including childbearing, it is very important to recognize this disorder in newborns with ambiguous genitalia. Virilization in the female is a condition characterized by any of the following: De novo pathologic mutations are identified in those rare cases in which an HLA-identical sibling is not affected.

Female pseudohermaphrodite

Female pseudohermaphrodite

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  1. The patient then sought medical treatment in the United States, in hope that he could undergo an operation for a sex change to a female. It was also noted that the apparent km for testosterone was fold higher than those which are normally found within controls.

  2. Patient 1 is 6-years old with ambiguous genitalia graded as Prader V and never undergone therapy or surgery. In some cases, differences in aldosterone-synthesizing capacity could also be demonstrated between affected siblings as well as in unrelated individuals carrying identical mutations.

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