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Oct 022012

Video about diamondsnet:

We are honored to offer a discount to Senior Citizens and Military personnel. When it comes to diamond mining, volume counts about as much as price.


We ask parents or legal guardians to assist us by supervising the activities of children at this site. In fact, a super merger between Gem Diamonds, Lucara Diamond Corporation and Firestone Diamonds would create a company with substantial diamond volume and value at its disposal.



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  1. Three companies stand out as possible targets as shareholders may be looking to add value to their existing production and prospective mining developments.

  2. It may also present some interesting buying opportunities for the market with a diversified mix of goods. Our prices are also subject to change without notice.

  3. We ask parents or legal guardians to assist us by supervising the activities of children at this site. If stated as a minimum, all diamonds within the piece are at or above the stated quality.

  4. You may not pretend to be someone else—or spoof their identity—when using this site. One might not rule out adding the development of the Kao mine owned by Namakwa Diamonds to the mix.

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