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Oct 022012

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Moderate heritability coupled with moderate genetic advance as per cent of mean was observed for plant height, lint index and number of sympodia per plant. The present investigation was carried out during kharif at Agricultural College Farm, Bapatla to study the variability, heritability, expected genetic advance, combining ability, heterosis, character association and path coefficient analysis involving 50 F1s fifteen parents i.


Therefore, one can afford to include some low general combiners also along with good general combiners in heterosis breeding programmes. While both additive and non-additive gene actions were predominant for number of bolls per plant and bundle strength.



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  1. Out of the ten lines tested, DDHH recorded significant general combining ability effects in desirable direction for six characters viz.

  2. The estimates of heritability and genetic advance as per cent of mean were high for the characters viz. While moderate heritability coupled with low genetic advance as per cent of mean was observed for ginning out turn, 2.

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