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Oct 022012

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I remember back then there wasn't too many rappers with tattoos; we looked like aliens, to me. Tatting pin Traditional shuttle tatting may be simulated using a tatting needle or doll needle instead of a shuttle. Stitches of cro-tatting and needle tatting before a ring is closed unravel easily, unlike tatting made with a shuttle.

Define tatted

A good description of this can be found in Knots, Splices and Fancywork. Decorative ropework employed on ships includes techniques esp.

Define tatted

Define tatted

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  1. They were some cool cats in there -- Irish guys who wore zoot suits, greaser type dudes. Thankfully we chose the Outlawz.

  2. The Services do not use Google Analytics to gather information that personally identifies you. Cro-tatting[ edit ] Cro-tatting combines needle tatting with crochet.

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