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Oct 022012

Video about cyber cheaters:

The experts shared tips for coping with a cyber affair or flirtation, whether you're the culprit or the victim — and obviously, this advice has relevance for anyone dealing with infidelity of any kind: Visit a Counselor Discuss your concerns with your partner and seek professional counseling with an expert who treats sexual addictions and does marriage counseling.

Cyber cheaters

Both types of cheating involve a place for people to meet. Later, when you both "have worked together to get through it, those other people in your life might say, 'Are you kidding me?!

Cyber cheaters

Cyber cheaters

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  1. Healing can't begin unless the person who is caught admits to their wrongdoing. It goes without saying that our team, international relationship experts, and countless other victims of cyber cheating are all in agreement:

  2. Was this page useful? For them, the locations and methods they use to communicate are irrelevant.

  3. This is due in a large part because emotional relationship involves the sharing of personal information with the other person. So that needs to be addressed, preferably with a therapist.

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