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Oct 022012

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The rodeo, dance and barbecue were held each 4th of July. When the weather became cold, his tawny neighbors, the Indians, paid him regular visits to shelter with him and sleep by the side of a genial fire. The cafe opens at 6:

Criders dance hall

The guests of Heart of the Hills Inn and some of the folks who had summer homes wanted a place to learn folk dances, etc. We will return another time in the future. The couple lived in Cabarrus County until

Criders dance hall

Criders dance hall

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  1. His wife would stay at home cooking, while he came here and danced with the pretty women. During one high-water event, a troop were camped along the south bank across from Criders, and after getting stranded, everyone pitched in to string a line between the trees from one side to the other, and provisions were hauled across.

  2. We will return another time in the future. Sometimes faith and trust are the only things between staying open and shutting down.

  3. There were two girls, and six or eight boys. In , the cafe, rodeo and dance floor were again relocated back across the road near where it is now.

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