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Oct 022012

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Outside of the US, conditions are still as bad as in many of the factories which make our clothes. In the and s, CLNJ leaders spoke out for consumer protection laws, credit laws, usury limits, and enforcement of minimum wage and child labor laws. Poor children worked in factories.


CLNJ also made a poster and pamphlet on rent to own. Seven-day work weeks were the norm in some industries:



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  1. CLNJ stood up for the poor and those with no lobby, such as bankrupts and homeowners facing foreclosure. High school education was only for rich children.

  2. Michaelene Loughlin wrote amicus briefs in home repair fraud cases in the N. Poor children worked in factories.

  3. When the FRB did not appreciate our advice, the common ground discovered between CL and bankers proved to be the formula which Congress enacted into law:

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