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Oct 022012

Video about cardinal horoscope definition:

Cardinal signs are extremely passionate about everything that they do. We see Libra as indecisive, which is quite normal when you think about giving up on the warmth of summer. No matter how much you try to break their spirit they just have a way of getting back up and finding a way forward.

Cardinal horoscope definition

This is a sign of the beginning of one circle, the first sign of the zodiac, and the leader in every sense of the word. This is already seen through the element of Water, but cardinal quality is what makes it as endurable and caring as it is. This is a way to build up character step by step, from the point where life and energy fade, and progress has to be made in a direction strange for mankind.

Cardinal horoscope definition

Cardinal horoscope definition

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  1. Cardinal quality represents all new beginnings and the energy of things that are just starting. If you look around you, it will become clear that everyone you know born only under one of these Sun signs, had or wants to have the opportunity for a deep change of direction and focus in life.

  2. This is a time when life dies down, which is exactly why the Sun has fallen in the sign of Libra.

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