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Oct 022012

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The first full day in camp, we lined up at the supply room. He was trying to convey the message to Mc Kee or any other officers still in the area that he had really taken these troops out for a real workout. We learned Mc Kee felt Monteleone's abrasive and uncouth manner was not good military practice.

Camp haan

While they threatened severe consequences, such as eliminating passes for a weekend, that was usually a bluff unless there was some flagrant goof-up. Instruction, event hosting, and membership options are available.

Camp haan

Camp haan

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  1. We had to accept their ways, and we could not question. During that time, they kept us busy six days a week from sun up to sun down.

  2. Every Saturday morning at hours we had an inspection of quarters by an officer. During World War I there had been heavy casualties on both sides from the use of poison gasses.

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