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Oct 022012

Video about bullvine:

So I ask you…. However, at the Royal Holstein Show that is exactly what happened. Number two I would say would be expansion — we know that we will have fewer farmers in the future, but larger units.


However, at the Royal Holstein Show that is exactly what happened. A lot of our budget goes in that direction to come to the market with the right solution, to the right customer. In that solution we can secure that if you again analyze the reports in the right way you can actually upgrade your performance dramatically.



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  1. I think that we are very unique in that and we are really trying to make a win-win situation between the customer and us and so far so good.

  2. Last but not least I would say the resources — water and food for cows. Look at the oil industry.

  3. But you see as an industry we are currently producing so much of the good stuff that we are killing the industry for producers everywhere.

  4. However, none of us en mass have done the number one thing that will help solve this problem.

  5. By using our robotic systems we can monitor the cow's time budget, we can monitor her milk production and her health. This will lead to more producers going deeper in debt to the bankers, and in some extreme cases, cause more producers to consider the drastic measure of suicide.

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