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Oct 022012

Video about bt4u:

Freezing and storage protocols Standard method: Instead, BT selected two local companies to develop the content-management system residing on the company's server that would manage data received from and sent to passengers via the app.


Consequently, the adoption by passengers was not as strong as it could have been. Liquid phase storage is safe and effective for short-term intervals.



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  1. When a BT4U app user comes within transmission range of a bus stop's Bluetooth beacon, the app lists the next three buses due to arrive there. He discovered that several city transit systems have tested beacon systems, but that they did not educate passengers about the beacon technology's use in advance.

  2. Additives were used to improve post thawing recovery of HSCs. Retail Blacksburg Transit Installs Beacons to Boost Ridership, Adjust Service More than 12, riders use the beacon-enabled app to direct them to the correct bus stop; the agency employs the system to collect ridership data and modify bus dispatching accordingly.

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