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Oct 022012

Video about books on second marriages:

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Books on second marriages

Sometimes dreams can be bondages, if they stop us from accepting reality. It honours the fact that this person has chosen you above all the other human beings on the earth, to spend their time with. Money issues are more complicated after a second marriage, and require a lot of communication and planning.

Books on second marriages

Books on second marriages

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  1. Now, if the artist was to keep yearning after the tiles, or vases that were once whole, he could never concentrate on the new mosaic art piece forming in front of him. It is created by putting together hundreds of little broken pieces from what was once whole.

  2. Like anything good, they require a lot of effort. You need to have things in your life that are separate from being a wife, or a husband, and are just "you.

  3. Friends that will not compare this marriage to the first marriage, or act like they have secrets from you, regarding the first spouse. Other needs will vary according to each individual, but the important thing is to take the time to meet those needs, and to not take your spouse for granted.

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