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Oct 022012

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Narmada River 's inland access to central and northern India and with a location in the sheltered Gulf of Khambhat in the era of coastal sea travel grew and prospered as a trading transshipment centre and ship building port. Surajben Hardev Banarasi of Aasta village of Hansot Taluka, who was born in and widowed at a young age, got renowned as the leading lady freedom fighter and female worker. Indian railways also runs narrow gauge train services to Dahej and Jambusar.


Jahangir also gave permission for trade to the British. Then, Mughal king Humayu ruled over in AD.



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  1. The rain Meghraja festival celebrated in Bharuch during monsoon season is unique in the whole of India. Economy, commerce and industry[ edit ] Salty Peanuts Bandhni Bharuch has always been prosperous because of its location on the Narmada River.

  2. It imparts education in the fields of vedas, jyotisha, vyakrana, nyaya, and mimansa. Solanki ancestry's great emperor Sidhdhraj Jaisinh had built up Kot fortification and darvaja doors around the whole Bharuch which was known as 'Malbari Darvaja'.

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