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Oct 022012

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The radical of the present subjective is formed by dropping the final 'o' from the present indicative first person singular. The difference between peace and mayhem is velocity. The radical for the present subjunctive is formed by dropping the final 'o' of the present indicative first person singular.


The tectonic plates are still busy in their rockwork, and there is a faint memory of burning ash. In the fall, looking at the photograph I had made on the mountain and writing about that visit, I could not say for sure whether on that cloudless evening on Muottas Muragl, overlooking the Engadin all the way to Sils Maria, I had remembered the dream by Maria Enders, or whether I had only later dreamed that I had remembered it there.



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  1. Nevertheless, in one enciphering corner of my mind I believe still that every line in every poem is the orphaned caption of a lost photograph. The eye scans and organizes the folded mountains.

  2. The radicals for both the preterite and future subjunctives are formed by dropping the '-ram' from the preterite indicative third preson plural. Considering the -ar and either the -er or -ir suffixes as opposite conjugations, the indicative and subjunctive present tenses are almost opposites.

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