Adoption Status: Available for Adoption ★

Breed: Mixed ★

Age: 3 Years Old ★

Gender: Female ★

Size: Medium ★

Vaccinated: Yes ★

Spayed/Neutered: Spayed ★

Ready for Travel: Yes ★

Born in the streets from a shy and cautious mum on the August 1st, 2014, Nyssa was captured by dogcatchers and since April 26th she shares a kennel at Florina’ s with her, not touchable brother Nury. 
She is a sweet and loving soul who really needs a chance. She might be shy at the beginning but no more than all other long-term residents in kennels. She gets along well with other dogs, not cat tested but like most of them, she might be good with cats too.

Nyssa is very loving and devoted soul once you gain her trust. She has been living in kennels for almost three years now and through our very harsh winters. She is gorgeous and doesn’t need another cold winter. Please, someone, take a chance on her and once you do win her trust you will have a friend for life x

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Thank You

Florina XX


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