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Oct 022012

Video about acquintance rape:

Myth Reality A woman who gets raped usually deserves it, especially if she has agreed to go to a man's house or park with him. Feminism, philosophy, and the law pp. There has been a recent flurry of these literary exchanges on acquaintance rape between women's rights advocates, who have been working to raise public awareness, and a relatively small group of revisionists who perceive that the feminist response to the problem has been alarmist.

Acquintance rape

Projecting an overt air of superiority or acting as if one knows another much better than the one actually does may also be associated with coercive tendencies. Such messages are constantly sent via television and film when sex is portrayed as a commodity whose attainment is the ultimate male challenge. Only five percent of the rape victims reported the crime to the police.

Acquintance rape

Acquintance rape

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  1. Because acquaintance rape shatters trust and can lead to alienation from support systems, victims often turn to substance abuse and attempts at suicide, or become chronically depressed, angry or anxious.

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